Modern Staples to Pick Up This Black Friday

Michael RappModern

With paper Magic on a hiatus, prices of paper cards have naturally come down — and with upcoming holiday sales, the available deals will likely be even sweeter. I’ve had my eye on a number of Modern staples that are currently underpriced and have plenty of room to grow once paper Magic makes its return. I know I’ll be scoping these out today during the Black Friday event here at Card Kingdom, and I’d urge you to take a look as well. 

Elvish Reclaimer

M20 $5.49

First up, we have Elvish Reclaimer at $5.49. It did take a bit of time for Elvish Reclaimer to catch on after its July 2019 release, but it has found a solid home in Eladamri’s Toolbox as well as various Lands and Dark Depths builds in Legacy. Given that Elvish Reclaimer didn’t see much Modern play until recently, I’d expect once paper Magic picks back up, we’ll see some upward movement on this price tag, as the MTGO price of 12 Tix suggests. 

Turntimber Symbiosis

ZNR $10.99

Turntimber Symbiosis and all the MDFCs from Zendikar Rising have a ton of potential; they’re powerful effects that come at a relatively low cost for numerous decks. I’m choosing to feature Turntimber Symbiosis because the front half is one of the more frequently cast of the cycle along with Agadeem’s Awakening. Turntimber at $10.99 has plenty of room to grow, as it’s seeing plenty of play in Standard, Historic, Pioneer, and Modern. I’d highly suggest picking up a set if you think you may play it in the future. 

Skyclave Apparition

ZNR $12.99

Skyclave Apparition is quickly becoming one of the most played creatures in Modern, which is astounding given the track record of three-mana white creatures. Being able to exile nearly anything in Modern is quite a strong ability, so its popularity is warranted. It can be tough for Standard set rares to climb to the $20 bracket, but given that Skyclave Apparition is a staple in Standard, Modern and Legacy — while being in an under-opened set due to the lack of paper drafts — I think it has a shot. 

Scourge of the Skyclaves

ZNR $12.99

Scourge of the Skyclaves is yet another Modern staple from Zendikar Rising; I wrote a feature on it the week it was previewed, and it’s lived up to expectations. While the applications for Scourge of the Skyclaves are currently limited to Death’s Shadow and Prowess variants, I wouldn’t worry, as those are some of the best decks in Modern right now. If Rakdos Shadow remains a contender in Modern going forward, I think we’ll see Scourge’s price tag move toward the 29 Tix MTGO price tag due to the availability of the set in paper. 

Canopy Lands

Nurturing Peatland $7.49
Sunbaked Canyon $9.99
Fiery Islet $8.49
Silent Clearing $6.49
Waterlogged Grove $6.49

The Canopy lands from Modern Horizons have had some time to establish themselves at this point, but they’re still cheaper than I would’ve expected. Horizon Canopy has taught us how powerful the ability to draw a card is when you’re flooding, and now we have access to that effect in six color combinations. The floor on the Canopy land cycle is so high that I would definitely pick up the ones you’re interested in while they’re under $10. 

Archon of Emeria

ZNR $1.49

Zendikar Rising just keeps pumping out Modern-playable cards, and the next one in line is Archon of Emeria. While Archon hasn’t made a ton of noise, it is quietly one of the better white sideboard cards in Modern. Sitting at just $1.49, there is basically nowhere to go but up for this multiformat staple, as it continues to find homes in Modern and Legacy Death & Taxes shells. 

Ox of Agonas

THB $5.99

When it was previewed, Ox of Agonas appeared to be the latest in a long line of cards that was going to “break Dredge.” While that hasn’t quite been the case, it has been a solid roleplayer in Dredge since its entry into Modern. Like Scourge of the Skyclaves, Ox is only useful in a few decks, but should a graveyard deck find a spot in the sun, this Theros Beyond Death mythic will trend upward. 

Teferi, Time Raveler

WAR $12.99

Boy oh boy, Teferi, Time Raveler has been a star in Modern since its debut in May 2019. It has been a ubiquitously strong option for blue-based control and combo decks alike, and honestly, that is likely to continue as Four-Color Uro decks dominate. Teferi’s price peaked around $25, and I certainly wouldn’t be surprised to see the three-mana Planeswalker makes a triumphant return once paper Magic does. 

Goblin Guide

2XM $4.49

Mountain + Goblin Guide is an opening that Modern players have come to know and respect. Goblin Guide has been printed a few different times now, which explains its current price tag, and it’s a great pickup for both Modern and Legacy. $4.49 is a great price for a creature that will likely be attacking for years to come. 

ZNR Expedition Fast lands

ZNR Expeditions
Seachrome Coast $9.49
Blackcleave Cliffs $19.99
Copperline Gorge $6.99
Darkslick Shores $11.99
Razorverge Thicket $7.99

Originally printed in Scars of Mirrodin, the ally-colored fast lands have all seen Modern play at some point. Seachrome Coast sees play in Humans and Ad Nauseam; Blackcleave Cliffs is a longtime Jund staple; Copperline Gorge has a home in Dredge and Living End; Darkslick Shores shows up in Mill and Ad Nauseam; Razorverge Thicket is gaining popularity thanks to the uptick in Heliod Company and Devoted Druid decks. Whenever I see Modern-playable two-color lands in the $10 range, I’d advocate picking them up, especially if you’re interested in building any decks that may include them. 

Foil ZNR Expedition Fetchlands

ZNR Expeditions
Arid Mesa $69.99
Bloodstained Mire $79.99
Flooded Strand $79.99
Marsh Flats $79.99
Misty Rainforest $149.99
Polluted Delta $149.99
Scalding Tarn $119.99
Verdant Catacombs $129.99
Windswept Heath $79.99
Wooded Foothills $99.99

I wanted to finish things off with something for anyone looking for higher-ticket items. Foil Zendikar Rising Expedition fetchlands are much lower than I thought they would be, especially when you compare them to other foil options. Taking a look at the competition, they seem to occupy the middle of the foil range between the Khans of Tarkir/Modern Masters 2017 versions, and the first run of Zendikar Expeditions. Even the most expensive options — Misty Rainforest and Polluted Delta at $149.99 — seem like good deals when the original Zendikar Expedition versions are $329.99 and $279.99, respectively. I expect the price of premium versions of cards that were released during 2020 to rise quite a bit once we get back to in-person play. 

Hopefully this list has given you some insights on what cards are worth looking for during the upcoming Black Friday-Cyber Monday event. I’d love to know if you have any cards that you’ve had your eye on that are cheaper than you expected; share them with me on Twitter at @Rappaciousone. Hope everyone had a safe holiday — now go enjoy those sales!