What IS More Than Meets the Eye?!

More Than Meets the Eye – MTG Mechanics Explained

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Outside of the aptly named Modal Double-Faced Cards, when you cast a double faced card you have to cast the “face-up” side of the card, and then the card will have some kind of mechanic involved that will later let you use the other side of the card in one way or another. The Transformers Universes Beyond cards have a little more flexibility with the More Than Meets the Eye mechanic.

More Than Meets the Eye will be written with a cost next to it. Any time you may cast the card, you may cast it for this alternative cost. If you do, you cast the card Converted (which is just the Transformers Universes Beyond way of saying transformed), with its normally face-down side face up to start.

And that’s pretty much it. More Than Meets the Eye is an alternative casting cost that lets you cast the card transformed (or in this case, converted). The spell can still be countered, and its total mana value is still determined by its normal cost.

More Than Meets the Eye is pretty obviously linked specifically to the Transformers Universes Beyond cards, and so is unlikely to see print again outside of a revisit to that particular universe. That said, a renamed version of this mechanic could certainly see print in a set with transforming double-faced cards, given the right environment.

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