Aura Swap – MTG Keywords Explained

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Future Sight produced a lot of one-off mechanics, but you never know when one could crop up in Magic again. Today, we’ll be taking a look at the enchantment-based mechanic aura swap!

What is Aura Swap?

At time of writing, aura swap has appeared exclusively on the card Arcanum Wings. On its face, it’s a pretty standard enchantment: for two mana, you can attach it to a creature to give that creature flying. Once the Wings are attached to a creature, however, you can pay its aura swap cost to exchange it with a different Aura from your hand.

Of note, you can activate the ability even if you don’t have an Aura in hand. And even if you do have an Aura in hand, you can activate the ability and choose (upon resolution) not to do anything. If the exchange does happen, it happens simultaneously; there’s no point where both Auras will be on the creature.

Aura swap does one thing, and it does it very well. If you enjoy enchantment-based shenanigans, consider adding Arcanum Wings to your decks!