Battle Cry – MTG Keywords Explained

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Battle Cry is a combat mechanic that appears solely on creatures, and is a little unique in that it’s an attack-encouraging mechanic that affects every attacking creature except for the one that has it. When a creature with Battle Cry attacks, each other attacking creature gets +1/+0 until the end of the turn. This means that if you have multiple creatures with Battle Cry, the bonuses can stack up pretty fast.

  • Once Battle Cry triggers after attackers have been declared, the bonus will still occur even if the creature with Battle Cry is removed from combat one way or another.
  • If multiple combat steps occur, Battle Cry will trigger and apply each time the creature with it attacks.
  • In Two-Headed Giant, attacking creatures controlled by a teammate also get the Battle Cry bonus.
  • And lastly, although there currently isn’t a way for this to happen, multiple instances of Battle Cry on the same creature would each trigger separately.

This is a decent combat mechanic that worked just fine and was liked well enough, but didn’t leave a huge lasting impression. It could pop up again sometime‚Ķhopefully this time in a set where it isn’t overshadowed by some more controversial mechanics.

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