Blitz – MTG Keywords Explained

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Blitz appears on creature cards, and acts as an alternative cost. When you cast a creature for its blitz cost, three things happen: The first is that it gains Haste, which is simple enough. Second, it gains “When this creature dies, draw a card.” And the third is that the creature gains a trigger that makes you sacrifice it at the beginning of the next end step. 

So, casting a creature for its blitz cost gets you a hasty creature that draws you a card when it dies, and will die at the next end step. A few notes: 

  • Casting a creature for its blitz does not change the total mana value of the card. So, for example, you can’t Spell Snare Jaxis when its being blitzed. 
  • It doesn’t matter how or when the creature dies, if it was blitzed, you still get to draw a card when it dies. It does specifically have to die (go directly from the battlefield to the graveyard) – if it gets bounced or exiled, you do not draw a card. 
  • You can always cast the creature normally – if you do, it doesn’t gain haste or the card-draw-on-death ability, but you also don’t have to sacrifice it at the next end step. 
  • If you can cast spells for free somehow (with Omniscience, for example), you can’t use that to blitz. If you want to blitz, you have to pay the blitz cost to cast the creature.

This mechanic lets you choose what kind of value you get out of a creature – do you want it to stick around on the battlefield, or do you need more cards and to use the creature right now? 

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