Bushido – MTG Keywords Explained

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Today, we’re taking a trip back to Kamigawa to revisit an ability that will help your creatures in combat.

What is Bushido?

Bushido is a combat mechanic that helps your creatures, whether they’re on offense or defense. Whenever a creature with bushido blocks or becomes blocked, it gets +N/+N, where N is the number printed next to bushido. This ability was printed on Warrior creatures, and it was intended to show off their superior training.

One thing to keep in mind with bushido: it only triggers once per combat, no matter how many creatures are blocking the Bushido creature.

Bushido is a pretty simple mechanic that can be effective in-game. So, why hasn’t it shown up since Kamigawa block? It’s largely due to the name of the mechanic, which ties it explicitly to Kamigawa. It almost showed up again in Throne of Eldraine renamed as “chivalry,” but the designers ran into a problem — the ability is very good on defense, but ends up being a little underwhelming on offense. Defensive mechanics tend to make games long and grindy, which has to be closely monitored and accounted for in other ways. Bushido could see the light of day again, but likely with a different name, and only under special circumstances.

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