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Adventures in the Forgotten Realms has brought the flavor of D&D to Magic with exciting new cards and game mechanics. Recently, we covered how you can go dungeon-crawling with the new Dungeon cards; today, we’ll be showing you how you can level up your player character!

What is Class?

Class is a new enchantment subtype in Adventures of the Forgotten Realms, appearing on twelve cards that mirror the character classes of D&D. Flavorfully speaking, casting one of these spells allows you to take on the role of a D&D character and gain new abilities as you level up.

Here’s how that works in game terms: Class cards have a text box that’s split into three sections. Once the Class enchantment is on the battlefield, the first ability in the top section is active. At sorcery speed (during your main phase with nothing else on the stack), you can pay the cost at the top of the next section (Level 2) to gain that ability. You can do the same thing again for the last section of the card. No jumping from Level 1 to 3, however — you do have to go in order. Whenever you gain a level, you gain access to the ability of that new level in addition to the other abilities you already had.

Of note, there are no counters associated with Class cards. While you can use a dice or another form of counter to track which level you’re currently at, effects that let you move counters around won’t let you change your level.

Lastly, you can have multiple classes active at the same time, including multiples of the same one.

New card subtypes are always exciting, and this looks like it’s going to be a hoot play with. Gaining new abilities over time fits perfectly with the flavor of Dungeons & Dragons, and it turns out that that sort of incremental value fits nicely into Magic as well. Explore these new cards and find the best one for your deck on!