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Conspire is a creature-based mechanic from Lorwyn block that appears exclusively on Instants and Sorceries. You read that all correctly, none of that was a typo. 

Conspire lets you copy a spell that has it, as long as you control two creatures that share a color with that spell. When you cast a spell with Conspire, as you pay costs, you may tap two creatures you control that share a color with the spell. If you do, you get to make a copy of the spell, choosing new targets if you wish. Since you just copy the spell and don’t technically cast the copy, Conspire doesn’t trigger again. 

That’s the basics, and it’s pretty simple. Some notes: 

  • If it’s a multicolor spell, the creatures can be of any of the colors in the spell, and don’t need to share a color with each other.  
  • You can only Conspire once… per instance of Conspire that the spell has (spells can have it more than once, thanks to Wort, the Raidmother).  
  • Countering the original spell will not counter the copy, although the copy can be countered itself.  
  • You can, however, use a Stifle effect to stop the copy from existing in the first place. 

This was kind of a forgotten mechanic. It did a cool thing, but required enough of a hoop to jump through that it never quite took off. A few cards still see play in formats where they’re legal; Gleeful Sabotage still makes appearances in sideboards every now and then, for example. That said, it’s a nifty effect, and while a lot of the cards with the mechanic itself are largely forgotten, Wort still lets a lot of silly things happen in Commander games. 

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