Disturb – MTG Keywords Explained

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It wouldn’t be an Innistrad set without fun graveyard mechanics, and Midnight Hunt has a new one called disturb. If you’ve ever wished you could give a creature spell flashback, then these are the cards for you.

What is Disturb?

Disturb appears on double-faced creature cards, and it works from the graveyard. If you’re casting the creature normally or otherwise putting it onto the battlefield from your hand, it enter the battlefield front-side up. Once the card is in your graveyard (regardless of how it got there), you may then pay its disturb cost. If you do, you put it back onto the battlefield transformed onto its back side.

From there, the creature with disturb behaves like any normal creature. However, if that creature would die, it goes to exile instead of the graveyard. Similarly, if you cast a creature with disturb from your graveyard and it gets countered, it goes to exile.

Of note, the total mana value of a disturb card is the value listed to cast it on its front side. The creature’s disturb cost is separate from its mana cost.

Disturb lets you double dip on your creatures, getting a lot of value and enabling some interesting strategies. Check out all the disturb cards in Innistrad: Midnight Hunt here!