Exalted – MTG Keywords Explained

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Exalted is one of the most enduring combat mechanics to come out in a while. It literally exalts one of your creatures per combat. 

Exalted is a combat mechanic that can appear on any permanent type. It triggers when a creature you control attacks alone. That creature will get +1/+1 until the end of the turn for each instance of Exalted that you control. Those instances can be on the creature itself, other creatures, a land, enchantments, anything – each instance will give the creature another +/1+1 until the end of the turn.  


“Attacks alone” in this case means that it is the only creature declared as an attacker – if other creatures or token are then created and enter the battlefield attacking, Exalted still goes off, as they weren’t declared attackers. A minor distinction, but an important one. Exalted abilities all resolves before blockers are declared, so everyone knows exactly how big the attacking creature is before then. 

This is a combat mechanic that encourages attacking alone and creating one big threat, while still encouraging having a lot of things on the board. All of which is somewhat unusual as far as combat mechanics go, but effective! 

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