Forecast – MTG Keywords Explained

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This time around, we’re taking a look back to original Ravnica block and a mechanic that allows you to look ahead. Get ready to learn all about forecast!

What is Forecast?

Forecast is a bit of an odd mechanic, for a couple of reasons. First of all, it only functions when the card with forecast is in your hand. Second, you can only use forecast during your upkeep. Third, you can only use the forecast ability once per turn.

Got all that? Okay, here’s how it actually works.

During your upkeep, you may reveal the card with forecast from your hand and pay its forecast cost. The forecast ability goes on the stack, and it resolves just like any other ability. It’s important to note that you’re activating an ability, not casting a spell, so you can’t counter a forecast effect with just any counterspell.

As the forecast ability resolves, the card remains in your hand, and it technically remains revealed until you move out of the upkeep step. Once the card is revealed and the ability is put on the stack, the ability will continue to resolve, even if the card leaves your hand for any reason. You may activate any number of forecast abilities from your hand on a given turn, but you may only do so once for each card with forecast.

This is a mechanic that can potentially be kind of powerful, but it wasn’t terribly popular due to the repetitive gameplay that it ended up encouraging. Used carefully, it’s a fantastic way to get a ton of value over time from a single card.

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