Fortify – MTG Keywords Explained

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Future Sight produced a lot of one-off mechanics, but you never know when one could crop up in Magic again. Today, we’ll be taking a look at fortify, which allows you to equip your lands!

What is Fortify?

The fortify mechanic will be familiar with you if you’re played with Darksteel Garrison. It’s basically equip, but for lands instead of creatures, and works the same way. When you cast Darksteel Garrison, it enters the battlefield unattached, and you can pay the fortify cost (at sorcery speed, so during your main phase with an empty stack) to attach it to any land you control. That land then gets the ability granted by the fortification.

We haven’t seen any other form of “land Equipment” in Magic yet, but this is a mechanic to keep an eye on if you love either card type.