Initiative – MTG Keywords Explained

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Initiative essentially functions as a variation of Monarch. For someone to initially take the Initiative, someone has to play a card that grants it. Once the initiative is in the game, just like Monarch, it remains in the game until the game ends, and only one player at a time can have the initiative.

When you take the initiative, or it you have the initiative at the beginning of your upkeep, you venture into the Undercity, which is a specific dungeon. That’s right, this one mechanic references or is directly related to two completely different ones. But! There is more to Initiative.

Initiative is an interesting variannt on Monarch – depending on the effect of the room you’re venturing into in the Undercity, and the state of the game, Initiative will generally be a little less powerful. But situationally, it can be fantastic, and will likely always find a way to be at least useful.

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