Miracle – MTG Keywords Explained

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Miracle appears on instants and sorceries and provides an alternative cost for casting the spell…if you can jump through one little hoop. This is technically two abilities; the first states that you may reveal the card if it’s the first card you draw in a turn. The second is a triggered ability that goes off when you reveal the card this way, stating that you may cast it immediately by paying its miracle cost.

  • First, miracle can trigger the first time you draw a card on any turn, not just yours.
  • You’ve still technically drawn a miracle card when you reveal it, so anything that triggers off you drawing a card will still happen.
  • You pay at the resolution of the triggered ability – this matters only because the trigger can be Stifled, and if the card is no longer in your hand somehow (if the opponent has some instant-speed discard effect), you won’t be able to cast it when the ability resolves.
  • You do get to ignore timing restrictions on sorceries when you miracle them.
  • Card draw effects that have you draw multiple cards at once technically work sequentially, so the miracle card has to be the first one you draw for the turn for any given draw effect.
  • And lastly, remember that miracle is a may – you don’t have to reveal the card and cat it right then if you don’t want to.

Miracle was powerful and popular, and yet is still unlikely to return in its current form in a standard legal set. This is because it’s kind of a pain when it comes to mechanical play. The moment the card you draw touches the other cards in your hand, you have lost the ability to trigger miracle. This can result in a lot of feel-bad moments in tournaments, and/or greatly alters the way people have to play their decks, checking each first draw of a turn very deliberately to try to not give any information away. So yes, miracle is, as its name would suggest, very powerful, but very tricky to work in practice.

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