Provoke – MTG Keywords Explained

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This week, we’re unearthing another relic from Legions that will serve you well in combat!

What is Provoke?

Whenever you attack with a creature with provoke, you may choose a target creature the defending player controls. That creature untaps, and it must block the creature with provoke, if able.

There are few caveats with this: You can target a creature that is already untapped (it will remain untapped), and you can also target a creature that won’t be able to block (it won’t end up blocking). Provoke is also a “may” ability, meaning that targeting a creature won’t force it to untap and/or block unless you want it to. Also, if the same creature gets targeted by multiple creatures with provoke, the defending player gets to choose which of those creatures the provoked creature will block.

Provoke is a great way to mess with combat, especially if it’s disadvantageous for your opponent to block your creatures. Check out all the creatures with provoke, and consider adding them to your decks!