Rampage – MTG Keywords Explained

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Back in the early days of Magic, creatures were much weaker than they used to be. Creatures had fewer abilities, and they were much smaller relative to their mana cost.

Of course, creatures still had useful abilities that gave them an edge over other creatures in combat. And while some of those abilities haven’t been printed on cards in quite some time, it’s worth knowing what they do in case they ever do come up in games.

Today, we’re turning back the clock to share some tips about an ability called rampage.

What is Rampage?

Rampage is a combat ability that triggers whenever a creature with rampage becomes blocked in combat. If a creature with rampage X becomes blocked, it gets until end of turn +X/+X for each creature blocking it beyond the first. While rampage will trigger every time the creature is blocked, it only actually does something if there’s more than one creature doing the blocking.

If you give a creature multiple instances of rampage, they each trigger separately — which could make the rampaging creature quite huge. Once the ability resolves, the bonus is set; removing blocking creatures from combat or somehow adding more won’t change things past that point.

Rampage hasn’t been printed on a card in many years; it last appeared on Craw Giant, which was timeshifted in Time Spiral. But if you plan on digging out some old cards from Legends and Mirage, you might see this ability come up.