Reconfigure – MTG Keywords Explained

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Reconfigure is a new mechanic in Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty for “Artifact Creature – Equipment” cards. If those seem like some incompatible card types, you’d normally be right, as creatures can’t be equipped to other creatures. But that’s where our new mechanic comes in.

Reconfigure represents several different abilities. First, it functions as an Equip stand-in. You can pay the reconfigure cost at sorcery speed (during your main phase with an empty stack) to equip the card to another creature. The reconfigure card ceases to be a creature when it’s equipped to something else, handily sidestepping the rules. If the reconfigure card is already attached to a creature, you may pay its reconfigure cost to unequip it from that creature, turning it back into a creature itself. This also works only at sorcery speed.

  • A card with reconfigure works like any normal Equipment. If the equipped creature dies, the reconfigure card will stay on the battlefield, turning back into a creature as it falls off the dead one.
  • If you go to attach a reconfigure card to a creature, and that target becomes invalid for any reason, it will not be attached and will remain a creature.
  • If an effect gives Equipment an alternate equip cost (like Puresteel Paladin, for example), a reconfigure card can use that cost.
  • A note to remember: when an equipped creature attacks, the Equipment it’s carrying doesn’t tap when the creature does. So it you unequip the reconfigure card after combat, it will be an untapped creature on defense.

Reconfigure grands Equipment a lot of added flexibility, allowing for creative new lines of play. It’s also yielded some of the funniest type lines we’ve ever seen on Magic cards, like “Legendary Artifact Creature – Equipment Jellyfish.”

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