Replicate – MTG Keywords Explained

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Sometimes, you need a spell to go off more than once. That’s where replicate comes in! I’ll explain as we figure out…

What is Replicate?

Replicate appears on instants and sorceries, and it allows you to copy those spells as many times as you want. As an additional cost to cast the spell, you may pay the replicate cost any number of times; for each time you pay the cost, you get another copy of the spell.

When you make the copies, you can choose new targets for them. Once the replicate ability resolves and the copies are made, each copy can be countered, but separately. The only way to stop all the copies is to use a Stifle-style effect on the triggered replicate ability.

Replicate is an mechanic that is designed to scale based on your needs. You can use it apply the same effect to multiple targets, or you can play around countermagic by targeting the same permanent multiple times. You can even do both!

If you enjoy playing with spells, consider adding some cards with replicate to your decks.