Soulshift – MTG Keywords Explained

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Just like last week, we’re heading back to Kamigawa to share some tips for using one of Magic‘s lesser-known mechanics.

What is Soulshift?

Soulshift is a mechanic exclusive to the Spirit tribe. It makes sense coming from Kamigawa block, where Spirits were a main part of the story and showed up in abundance.

Soulshift is an ability on Spirit creatures that triggers whenever a creature with the ability dies. When it does, you may put another Spirit with a mana value of N or less from your graveyard onto the battlefield, where N is the Spirit’s soulshift number. If a creature has multiple instances of soulshift, you get to do this for each individual instance.

You can only grab a single Spirit for each soulshift trigger; you can’t grab multiple Spirits, even if their total mana value equals the soulshift number. You also target a creature in your graveyard when the soulshift trigger goes on the stack, but you choose whether or not to return it to the battlefield when the ability resolves.

Soulshift requires a very Spirit-heavy deck, which may explain why it hasn’t made another appearance since Kamigawa. But in the right environment, soulshift can be a powerful recursive strategy, letting you stay ahead on the board even in the face of removal and mass destruction.

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