Training – MTG Keywords Explained

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Innistrad: Crimson Vow is out now, and we’re here to break down some of the set’s new mechanics. Sometimes you learn best from a good example, and training is a mechanic that captures that flavor quite well.

What is Training?

Whenever a creature with training attacks, if there is another attacking creature that has greater power than it, the creature with training gets a +1/+1 counter. In order words, if a small training creature attacks alongside a bigger creature, the training creature gets a buff. It’s a little like the mentor mechanic from Guilds of Ravnica, but in reverse!

A few notes on training:

  • The non-training creature only needs to be bigger than the training creature at the time that attackers are declared. If an effect would boost the training creature’s power, it will still get the counter.
  • Once training triggers, the only thing that will stop the creature from getting the counter (outside of a Stifle effect) is if the training creature gets killed in response.
  • Training also only triggers a maximum of once per combat, no matter how many bigger creatures attack along with the training creature.

Training is a mechanic that incentivizes attacking, and makes future attacks better and better. Check out the creatures with training at Card Kingdom!