Frenzy – MTG Mechanics Explained

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Future Sight produced a lot of one-off mechanics, but you never know when one could crop up in Magic again. Today, we’ll be taking a look at a combat-focused mechanic that will get your Slivers in a frenzy!

What is Frenzy?

At time of writing, frenzy has only appeared on the aptly named Frenzy Sliver from Future Sight and on one version of Garbage Elemental from Unstable.

Frenzy triggers after blockers are declared during the combat phase, whenever a creature with the ability attacks and isn’t blocked. When frenzy triggers, the creature gets +N/+0 until the end of the turn, where N is its frenzy number. Also, frenzy does stack, so if you have two Frenzy Slivers on the battlefield at once, they’ll each have two instances of frenzy 1.

Frenzy is an extremely aggressive mechanic, but it was actually created to encourage blocking more. While it’s unlikely to make a comeback in a major Magic expansion, we have seen it appear in an Un-set, and it could appear in a similar set as a one-off.