New Battle Decks: August 2017

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It’s Battle Deck Day once again, and we have three more must-have decks to tell you about!

First up is Day of Doom, which is not your average red-white deck. Our in-house deck designers went all-in on Imminent Doom, an enchantment from Hour of Devastation with the power to decimate your opponent and any creatures they have on hand. This deck is perfect for control players who want to win in fun and interesting ways.

Speaking of enchantments, we’re proud to unveil our first-ever Bant deck: Gift of the Gods! This deck features plenty of useful enchantments and ways to find them, and includes resilient creatures with the Embalm and Eternalize abilities. If you enjoy drawing cards and getting extra value out of your graveyard, this deck is our gift to you.

Finally, there’s Spell Check, a classic blue-red “spells matter” deck with a twist! Like Gift of the Gods, Spell Check includes cards that will allow you to mill yourself for value and get the most out of your removal spells. Of course, there are still evasive flyers galore, making this a great deck for all players on the tempo-control spectrum.

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Header design: Justin Treadway