New Battle Decks: July 2017

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Happy Battle Deck Day! This month, we’ve created a trio of tricolor decks that you’ll want to add to your Battle Deck collection.

If you enjoy Junding your opponents out (as our friends LoadingReadyRun would say), pick up a copy of Consume the Weak! This deck features an assortment of token-generating creatures and sacrifice outlets, and not to worry – you’ll be rewarded for each sacrifice you make.

Next up, we have Hatchet Men – a Jeskai equipment deck. Open the armory, sharpen your pitchforks and head into the red zone with a band of scrappy humans. This deck can win games quickly, but its “artifact matters” sub-theme will help you grind out value whenever you find yourself in a bind.

But who needs synergy when you can have raw power? Jungle Rumble, our third Battle Deck du jour, features a menagerie of efficiently-costed, hard-hitting creatures. If turning creatures sideways is your thing, this is the deck for you.

Are you ready to rumble? Browse our full catalog of Battle Decks and find the one that’s right for you!