New Battle Decks: June 2017

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It’s that time again! We’ve released three new Battle Decks, featuring some of Amonkhet‘s most fascinating cards and mechanics.

First up, we have Cold Front: a mono-blue deck full of small utility creatures. Cold Front is the perfect deck for a blue mage looking to play the tempo game – instead of relying on counterspells and Unsummon effects, you can team up with creatures whose “enter the battlefield” abilities will help you draw cards and clear the way for a big attack. Kefnet’s Monument is the key card here, making each creature you add to your board even more powerful.

If you enjoy moving -1/-1 counters around, check out Swarm of Scars. This black-green deck includes popular Amonkhet build-around Nest of Scarabs, plus some of the set’s most defiant and decimating creatures.

Our final Battle Deck du jour, Plow the Sands, is a blue-green ramp deck that Coiling Oracle fans will appreciate. This deck generates plenty of mana and card advantage, and eventually closes out the game with Sandwurm Convergence. Sounds like my idea of a fun time!

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