New Battle Decks: October 2017

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After restocking some fan-favorite Battle Decks last month, we’re back with a new batch of battle-ready brews! In honor of Ixalan, we’re releasing a record-breaking FOUR Battle Decks this month, each representing one of the plane’s four iconic tribes.

First up, we have Raiding Party: an aggressive black and red deck full of wily pirates. Many creatures in this crew have the Raid ability, which will reward you for hitting the red zone early and often. The deck features some sweet pirate synergies, but it’s also a great deck for anyone looking to play a straightforward beatdown game.

New Blood draws from Magic‘s vast array of black and white vampire creatures, from Innistrad to Ixalan and seemingly everywhere in between. The newest set provides two efficient token-making spells – Queen’s Commission and Call to the Feast – that will allow your vampires to divide and conquer. Overall, the goal of this deck couldn’t be more on-theme: drain the life from your opponent slowly and survive just long enough to close out the game.

Next up is Fightin’ Fish, which plays very similarly to the blue-green Merfolk decks that tend to dominate Ixalan Limited. Keep opposing creatures on lockdown while growing your Merfolk army, or clear the way for a surprise alpha-strike! These fish will make sure your opponent is always on the back fin – err, foot.

Lastly, there’s Dino Might, a midrange deck full of beefy red and green dinosaurs. Your opponents won’t know what hit ’em as you charge through defending creatures with your pack of monsters. If you enjoy having the biggest creatures on the board, Dino Might may be for you!

Finally, we’d like to introduce a brand-new product that all Battle Deck fans can enjoy. The Sideboard Starter is a 30-card pack for players looking to add a traditional 15-card sideboard to their Battle Decks. The Sideboard Starter contains common Constructed sideboard cards, including counterspells, hand disruption, and artifact and enchantment removal, and provides a jumping-off point for players to construct their own Battle Deck sideboards. Note: Battle Decks are intended for casual play, so you and your playgroup should decide what restrictions you’d like to impose for building sideboards.

That’s all for now! Shop all our Battle Decks here, and send us a tweet at @Card_Kingdom and let us know what you think of the new decks!