New Products: August 2017

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At Card Kingdom, we’re constantly churning out ideas for new exclusive products and looking for the best Magic accessories to add to our inventory. Today, we’re going to give you the inside scoop on some of our newest arrivals.

CK Exclusives

Mana Base Land Kits


Mana Base Land Kits provide all the non-basic lands you’ll need for Commander or your favorite casual constructed format. We’ve bundled together forty-packs of the Guildgates from Return to Ravnica block and the “Gain” lands from Khans of Tarkir to give you the foundation you need to build two-color decks conveniently and easily. We’ve also assembled a special Commander kit, which includes 55 unique common and uncommon non-basic lands. These packs make perfect gifts for new and returning players, or those who are venturing into the Commander format.


Tribal Unity Booster Packs


A few months ago, we released our Tribal Unity Chest: a 400-card collection of creatures from some of Magic‘s most popular tribes. While we included many iconic creature types in the set (goblins, elves, zombies, vampires), we also received plenty of feedback from you, our community, about tribes that you wanted to see included. So, last week, we released our first three booster packs for the Tribal Unity Chest! Each pack contains 55 creatures of various rarities, all in near-mint (NM) or excellent (EX) condition. Add angels, dragons, and merfolk to your collection!

Card Kingdom Baseball Tees

Show support for Team Card Kingdom with one of our baseball tees! These comfortable cotton tees are available in men’s and women’s sizes and run from XS to 4XL.


Magic Accessories

Abbot’s Hollow Supplies


Keep an eye on your cards with these deck boxes from Abbot’s Hollow! Each deck box and dice bag is hand-made and is sure to be a conversation-starter at your next Friday Night Magic. We have very limited quantities of these hard-to-find items, but we’re expecting more to arrive in stock soon.

Dragon Shield and Ultimate Guard Sleeves


We’ve expanded our online selection of card sleeves by adding Dragon Shield and Ultimate Guard products! These long-lasting sleeves come in a variety of colors and finishes, so you can choose the style that best suits you.

Monster Rocks Token Dice

Monster Rocks Token Dice are a multi-purpose Magic accessory. Give them a roll at the start of your match, use them as counters on your permanents, or summon them to the battlefield as stand-ins for token creatures. Pack them in your dice bag and you’ll never forgot to bring tokens to a Magic event again!


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