News of the Realm – 5/20/22

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With News of the Realm, we take a quick look at everything that went on at Card Kingdom, with our friends, and in the Magic world this week! 

Welcome one and all to News of the Realm! Here’s what we and our friends had going on for the week leading up to May 20th, 2022.

Our Friends

The Professor discussed the value of Collector Booster Packs, premiered Shuffle Up & Play, and talked EDH etiquette in Dies to Removal.

Loading Ready Run drafted some SNC, cracked a Rivals of Ixalan pack and opened a New Capenna Brokers Box, talked the rest of 2022 on Tap Tap Concede, and drafted an absolutely wild cube.

Numot continued to draft an alarming amount of Streets of New Capenna.

MTG Goldfish tried out Urabrask & Taxes in Explorer on Against the Odds, and talked Commander Hot Takes.

GLHF upkept, and gave out a primer on the New Capenna Championship.

Nizzahon continued the History of the B&R List, drafted some SNC, and listed the Top Ten Trample Cards and Top Ten Illusions.

Mountain Man Magic released a Deck Tech for Prosper, Tome-Bound.

Card Kingdom

Chris recapped the story of Baldur’s Gate and laid out some predictions for CLB.

Scott talked scaling an EDH Deck’s power level.

Tom interviewed the Professor about Shuffle Up and Play.

Mason looked at Pioneer in the wake of SNC’s release.

Nizzahon looked at the online introduction of the Modern format.

Michael updated his Modern Tier List.

We ran through the rules and workings of the Retrace mechanic. 

From the Borderlands

Goblin Lore discussed mental health and MTG.

A breakdown of 4 Levels of Detail in New Capenna.