News of the Realm – 5/6/22

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With News of the Realm, we take a quick look at everything that went on at Card Kingdom, with our friends, and in the Magic world this week! 

Welcome one and all to News of the Realm! Here’s what we and our friends had going on for the week leading up to May 6thth, 2022.

Our Friends

The Professor played the Booster Box game for Streets of New Capenna, and talked about the Wildcard Bundle on Arena.

Loading Ready Run gave us Part 1 of their SNC set review from a Canadian Highlander viewpoint, cracked packs of AFR and SOI, gave initial SNC thoughts in Tap Tap Concede, drafted SNC both live and online, and had a streamer showdown with the set as well.

Rhystic Studies told the story of Red Deck Wins.

Numot drafted…kind of a concerning amount of Streets of New Capenna, honestly.

MTG Goldfish goes Against the Odds trying to make Halo Fountain work in Standard, Commander Clash talked about the Top 12 Cards from SNC, and TheAsianAvenger shared an Essential Grixis List for Commander.

GLHF kept up, gave out SNC tips and first thoughts, and recapped some of the SNC story.

Nizzahon drafted a few rounds of SNC, listed 5 cards from the set that are better than expected, ranked the Top 10 Multicolor Instants, and continued his series on the History of the Banned and Restricted list.

Card Kingdom

Chris introduced Fringe Format and talked about Judge’s Tower.

Scott dropped 3 decklists for Overlooked New Capenna Commanders.

Tom gave us an Upgrade Guide for the Riveteers Rampage Commander Precon.

Mason gave us an update on the Standard Metagame.

Nizzahon talked about the first Pro Tour LA in On This Date

Michael dove deep on Rakdos Midrange in Pioneer.

We ran through the rules and workings of the Connive mechanic. 

From the Borderlands

New Secret Lair Celebrates Pride Across the Multiverse.

Streets of New Capenna Grand Art Tour.

Sketches for Artist Series: Magali Villeneuve Secret Lair Drop Sell for $18,200 Combined.

Grief, Feldon, and Ryan Sainio.