News of the Realm – 6/3/22

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Welcome one and all to News of the Realm! Here’s what we and our friends had going on for the week leading up to June 3rd, 2022.

Our Friends

The Professor Shuffled Up and Played with Cedric Phillips and Patrick Sullivan, explained magnets to Kyle Hill, looked at the dangerous worlds of MTG, and looked at the best new Commanders from Baldur’s Gate.

Loading Ready Run cracked packs of Conspiracy: Take the Crown and Throne of Eldraine, talked Baldur’s Gate on Tap Tap Concede, played Jumpstart on Friday Night Paper Fight, and drafted some New Capenna.

Numot again drafted a concerning amount of Streets of New Capenna.

MTG Goldfish ranked the colors in Commander, brewed up a Godfather Combo in Modern, and tried Mono Blue Tempo in Standard.

GLHF upkept, and looked at the Baldur’s Gate Precons.

Nizzahon listed the Top 10 Great Cards He Thought Were Bad When He was a Kid, the Top 10 Legendary White Creatures, 5 Ways to Deal with Saltiness, drafted some New Capenna, and looked at the old Innstrad Tokens deck.

Mountain Man Magic gave us a Prerelease and Draft guide for Baldur’s Gate.

Card Kingdom

Kristen returned to talk about Goad.

Scott listed 10 Affordable Staples from Baldur’s Gate.

Tom upgraded the Mind Flayarrrs Commander Precon deck.

Nizzahon looked back at the banning of Skullclamp.

We got a Tournament Report from the Mox Legacy 1K by 1st place finisher Jordan Aisaka.

Mason looked at 3 Exciting Modern Decks.

Michael gave us his thoughts on Thoughtseize’s place in Modern.

Chris upgraded the Party Time Commander Precon deck.

We ran through the rules and workings of the Myriad mechanic. 

From the Borderlands

Original Kaja Foglio Millstone Sells For $48,000.

Leaving a Legacy chatted with James Connolly.