News of the Realm – 3/25/2022

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With News of the Realm, we take a quick look at everything that went on at Card Kingdom, with our friends, and in the Magic world this week! 

Welcome one and all to News of the Realm! Here’s what we and our friends had going on for the week leading up to March 25st, 2022. 

Our Friends

The Professor takes a look at the latest Secret Lair news, and has a chat with Pleasant Kenobi in the latest Dies to Removal

Loading Ready Run drafted Neon Dynasty on Arena; featured mono-Green Commanders on Friday Night Paper Fight; had a talk about Alchemy on Tap Tap Concede; and cracked a pack of Journey into Nyx. 

Numot has been drafting up a storm, with several Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty drafts on Arena and some Invasion block drafts over on Magic Online

MTG Goldfish talked about the Arena economy on their podcast, featured some powerful Planeswalkers on this week’s Commander Clash, tried to see if Mirror Box could prevail in Modern on Against the Odds,

GLHF talked New Capenna and shared their thoughts on the Arena economy discussion. 

Mountain Man Magic gave Hinata the Commander Deck Tech treatment. 

Nizzahon gave us a history of the Miracles Legacy deck and ran down the top 10 weirdest card texts of all time. 

Card Kingdom

Kristen looked at the Best Ways to Take Extra Turns in Commander

Scott wrote about Finding a Forever Deck

Tom took us through a Combo Crash Course on Heliod’s Company. 

Mason gave us a Pioneer Update in the weeks after the Lurrus ban. 

Tom also interviewed the Professor about the Academic deckbox.

Michael updated his Modern Tier List

We ran through the rules and workings of the Hideaway mechanic. 

From the Borderlands

Hipsters of the Coast’s Zach Barash talks about the Arena economy discussion in terms of game design.

Brilliant Restoration art sells for $16,000!

Leaving A Legacy discusses what decks are doing well in Magic Online Leagues.

The Professor’s Kickstarter hits 1.75 Million!

Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate announced for release on 6/10.

Command Fests are announced for return soon. Details not available as of now.