Outlaws of Thunder Junction Early Look

Outlaws of Thunder Junction Early Look

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Modern Magic has been more expansive in its themes and settings; where in the early days every plane was some variant of a high-fantasy vaguely medieval world, things have opened up in recent years. From Gothic and Victorian Horror, Sherlock Holmes/Agatha Christie-style locked-room murder mystery, to technologically advanced Cyberpunk, the main story of Magic encompasses a lot more than it used (and that’s not even touching Universes Beyond). The latest plane in this experiment comes in Outlaws of Thunder Junction, a Western frontier themed plane, with outlaws vying for the prize of a major heist. What awaits us in this prairie setting? Let’s look at what we know so far! 

The Story

Kellan’s search has taken across the multiverse, and in Thunder Junction he finally finds his father Oko. But it’s not a harmonious reunion; Oko has used the Omenpaths and gathered himself a posse of some of the most notorious outlaws from across the planes in order to try to pull off an audacious heist. 

No one is certain what lies in the ancient vault below Thunder Junction, but tales of untold riches abound. Between Oko’s gang, Kellan, and everyone else trying to be the first to crack open the vault, things are about to get heated in the frontier plane! 

The Timeline

  • Story Begins: March 18 
  • Card Kingdom Presale Begins: March 20 
  • Debut and Previews Begin: March 26 
  • Card Image Gallery and Previews Complete: April 5 
  • MTG Arena Global Release: April 16 
  • Global Tabletop Release: April 19 
  • Prerelease Events: April 12–18 
  • Open House: April 19–21 
  • Commander Party: April 26 – May 2 
  • Store Championship: May 4–12 
  • Standard Showdown: April 19 – July 25 

The Set

Outlaws of Thunder Junction will be available in Play and Collector Boosters: 

Play Booster Box
Collector Booster Box

As well as the now familiar Bundles and Prerelease Packs: 

Prerelease Pack

Additionally, four Preconstructed Commander Decks will be released with the set, which will feature brand new Eternal-legal cards in addition to the main set: 

Quick Draw (Red/Blue) | Desert Bloom (Red/Green/White)
Grand Larceny (Black/Green/Blue) | Most Wanted (Red/White/Black)

Booster Fun

It wouldn’t be a wild west set without some stunning landscapes to admire: 

Plains | Island | Swamp
Mountain | Forest

A new Wanted Poster Treatment will highlight some of the various outlaws, ruffians, and folks otherwise caught up in Oko’s shenanigans: 

Oko, The Ringleader | Tinybones, the Pickpocket

The Standard-legal Big Score cards are a special subset of 30 Mythic Rare cards that come with their own set symbol, code, and in some cases, nifty new frame!  

Sword of Wealth and Power

Collector boosters exclusively will feature raised-foil vault-frame cards: 

Sword of Wealth and Power

Both Play and Collector boosters have the potential to contain cards from the Breaking News Bonus Sheet, featuring non-Standard (but Eternal) legal criminal reprints from across the multiverse: 

Textured foil versions of Breaking News cards can be found in Collector Boosters: 

End Step 

Outlaws of Thunder Junction won’t be fully releasing until April 19th, but Card Kingdom’s presale starts tomorrow! We’ll have Sealed product available from the jump, with Singles getting added as more information comes out. Get ready to saddle up, and we’ll see you in Thunder Junction!