Rakdos Week at Card Kingdom

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An announcement from Nefara, Rakdos Cultist:

Card Kingdom customers, we have quite a spectacle for you this week…

Join us, the Cult of Rakdos, as we take over Card Kingdom and help the company unleash its full potential!

We came in with plenty of ambitions – open office plans, a simplified leadership structure (after all, we all serve Lord Rakdos), free fire-juggling classes every Wednesday. Card Kingdom said our ideas were a bit too…extreme. Not to be discouraged, we’ve created a new Culture Committee to keep employees entertained on off-hours. Our after-work performances have been on fire lately!

Of course, we’ll need to raise some money to pay all our puppeteers and pain artists. That’s where you come in! Order from Card Kingdom this week and you’ll be sponsoring sideshows the likes of which you’ll never un-see. Our Ravnica Allegiance presale has begun, so grab a booster box and crack packs to your heart’s content. (Don’t save them for “drafting,” or “research,” or whatever those Izzet fools try to tell you.)

Well, we’d better be going now. We have some circus rings to set up. Join us on Twitter this week and share your most chaotic plays with the hashtag #CKChaos. We’d love some fresh excitement!