Read Ahead – MTG Keywords Explained

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Read Ahead is a mechanic that appears only on Sagas. Sagas normally get a lore counter when they enter the battlefield, and then another lore counter at the beginning of your precombat main phase, triggering the appropriate chapter each time. Once it has as many lore counters as it does chapters and the final chapter trigger resolves, the Saga gets sacrificed. Unless it turns itself into a creature or something, but that ‘s not important right now.

But if the Saga has Read Ahead, as it enters the battlefield, you may choose any chapter on the Saga and have it enter the battlefield with that many lore counters, immediately getting the effect of the chosen chapter. You do skip the effects of any previous chapters, however, and if you skip to the end, the saga will still end up being sacrificed.

And yeah, that’s it. Not even any real extra rules notes for this one, we already covered it. Sagas have proven very useful and popular, and with Read Ahead, you can tailor their effect to your needs immediately rather than having to set up for that effect turns in advance. If you want to get ahead of the competition, pick up some cards over at!