Rookie Decks

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Two years ago, we launched our in-house product line with Battle Decks: a series of casual 60-card decks. Battle Decks were created for enfranchised players looking to play some fun games of Magic on a budget, and we soon realized that there was a need for a separate, beginner-friendly product. We wanted to create a teaching tool for new and returning players that showed off the strengths of each of Magic‘s five colors while keeping keyword abilities and complexity to a minimum.

To that end, we created Rookie Decks: a quintet of 60-card, mono-colored decks perfect for teaching Magic: The Gathering. Each deck features cards with a single keyword ability – lifelink, flying, deathtouch, haste, and reach – so players can begin to familiarize (or reacquaint) themselves with the game’s evergreen mechanics. The decks also include a keyword glossary and a brief guide to Magic gameplay.

To learn more about Rookie Decks, check out Tolarian Community College’s review, or tweet any questions at us at @Card_Kingdom.