Rookie’s Guide to MTG Slang

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Like most hobbies, Magic: The Gathering has developed a lexicon all its own. Go into any game store and you’ll hear players talk about “top-decking” the perfect card, casting “cantrips,” and “splashing” in their draft decks. If you’re new to the game, it can be hard to understand what experienced players are even talking about!

We’ve all been there — we were new once, too! — so we’ve created some fun and informative videos that we hope will help demystify Magic slang. Even if you’re no longer a rookie, we hope you find these videos entertaining.

Episode 1: “Ramp”

In our pilot, Rachael casts her first spell of the game and gets a crash course in “ramp.”

Episode 2: “Fixing”

Rachael learns the importance of including “fixing” in her multicolored deck.

Episode 3: “Splash”

Our players discuss adding more fixing to Rachael’s deck and stumble upon another useful new term: “splashing”!

Episode 4: “Cantrip”

“Cantrips” are spells that draw cards, but not all draw spells are “cantrips”! Rookie helps explain the difference.

Episode 5: “Bomb”

What do you call a card that blows up the board state? A “bomb,” of course! Rookie shares a few classic examples.

New episodes of Rookie’s Guide to MTG Slang will be hitting our YouTube channel every Tuesday, so be sure to subscribe!