The best magic content of 2022

The Best Magic Content of 2022

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As we near the end of year, it’s a good opportunity to take stock and celebrate the achievements of those around you. In that spirit, we’re going to look at some of the best work made by our friends and some other Magic content creators we think are pretty nifty.

We’ll be honest, though — the Magic community is fortunate to have heaps of incredible content and creators. This list is far from definitive, but we wanted to include a little something for everyone, no matter how they interact with the game. So without further ado, let’s get to it! 

Tolarian Community College 

The Professor needs no introduction, but he’s going to get one here anyway. New people are always coming into the game, and it never hurts to give a little context.

Tolarian Community College started out as a review channel, with the Professor giving his opinions on various Trading Card Game accessories and products, putting sleeves, deck boxes and everything through their paces. Since those humble beginnings, Prof has branched out, featuring skits, deck techs, predictions for upcoming sets, the Booster Box game, the occasional podcast episode, opinion pieces and even an apology for some truly egregious behavior:

This past year, he’s also started up a gameplay series, Shuffle Up and Play, which features old or oddball formats featuring the more interesting corners of Magic, bringing some friends along the way. We could really pick any episode, but the entire series is some of the most fun you can find online: 

Loading Ready Run 

A true internet original, Loading Ready Run has been producing original content since 2003. The Magic bug hit them in 2011, and they’ve been making a variety of Magic-based content ever since, including their signature skits: 

In addition to the skits, they have Magic podcasts, helped bring Canadian Highlander to the scene, started PrePrereleases for each set and regularly feature some of the wildest ways to play Magic on the internet: 

They recently started up the Elder Dragon Social Club, which features some very highly production value Commander shenanigans with a rotating cast of regulars and guests: 

Command Zone 

After a small break, Command Zone is once again a proud Card Kingdom Affiliate! Jimmy, Josh and the rest of the crew have been a big proponent of Commander, becoming one of the most popular ways to play the game. I mean, they got Posty to play, right? 

In addition to their main podcast, deck tech, upgrade guides and everything else, it turns out they also play Magic on this show they call, let me make sure I’m reading this right… Game Knights? Never heard of it. Anyway, turns out it’s pretty great:

Numot the Nummy 

Numot is the best drafter in Magic: The Gathering. You’d think I’d want to throw some qualifiers on that statement, but I’m pretty comfortable sticking with that claim. 

Often ranked number one Mythic on the Limited Arena leaderboards, and always high on the list of trophies earned in any given Limited MTGO format, Kenji walks us through at least one draft a week over on Card Kingdom’s YouTube channel: 

You can also always try to catch him on his Twitch channel, where he streams drafts live. On his own YouTube channel, you can find a lot more drafts and small snippets of streams that show off both his skill and some of the sillier things you can pull off if you build your deck correctly and the random number generator smiles on you: 

Rhystic Studies 

Sam from Rhystic Studies is one of the most polished MTG content creators out there, producing mini-documentaries about the more esoteric side of Magic. Covering a wide range of diverse topics, his YouTube channel makes for one of the deeper rabbit holes to fall down that tends to be a little off the beaten path from what you’d find on most other channels: 


GLHF started out as a way for the hosts, Meghan and Maria, to chronicle their journey from blank slates to seasoned pros at Magic. Well, they’ve been at it long enough that they definitely no longer qualify as amateurs, so the channel now focuses on leveling up, discussing the latest MTG news and how to have fun while doing all of that. 

With the Upkeep keeping you up to date on everything happening in the Magic world and a bunch of game play vids, deck techs and other content, it’s hard to find a more welcoming place in the Magic community. 

MTG Goldfish 

Need an idea for a deck? Well, there are few, better places to start than MTG Goldfish. Between Saffron Olive, TheAsiannAvenger, Tomer and the rest of the gang, you can find articles and videos for any format you desire — plus their curation of community-submitted deck lists will give you a starting place to work off of as well. 

Here’s a quick example of some of the hijinks you can find the gang over at Goldfish getting up to, and why you need to make sure your infinite is bigger than your opponent’s: 

End Step 

We’re very glad here at Card Kingdom that we’ve had a chance to help support the greater Magic community as much as we have. Magic is always more fun and interesting the more people come to play it. 

We want to thank all of our affiliates and friends, and we encourage you all to support them if they provide you any level of entertainment. Whether you do that directly through their various channels, do it here on Card Kingdom with their affiliate links or even just by dropping a comment on one of their videos, anything is appreciated.  

Thanks to everyone out there who reads and watches Magic content, too. The game may be a blast to play, but it’s only as successful as it is because of all of you.