most expensive Magic Cards of 2022

The Most Expensive Magic Cards of 2022

Jason KrellCommander, Products, Standard

This end of each year is a time for reflection, and we’ve already been doing quite a bit of that lately. However, since Magic is not the cheapest hobby out there, it’s equally important to reflect on the cost of cards in 2022. The good news is there are a lot of powerful, playable cards are affordable prices. With all the extra art treatments Wizards of the Coast introduced this year, the price tag on some of these puppies is… let’s just say visiting the theme park from Unfinity.

So, because it’s fun to window show, let’s count down the most expensive Magic cards from 2022. But first, keep in mind this accounts for near mint quality. Second, you’ll notice this list starts with a lot of cards tied at the same cost. We decided to separate them out instead of lumping them together for sake of clarity. Consider 6-10 to be in whatever order makes you happy.

No. 10: Steam Vents (Borderless Foil) | Unfinity ($199.99)

Speaking of Unfinity, the lands were gorgeous. Wizards of the Coast knew they would be in high demand, and they’re the primary driving force behind the set altogether. 

Yet while none of the Shock Lands are cheap, Steam Vents (along with the next card on our list) are the most expensive. Apparently blue/red is an in demand color combo. Who knew?

No. 9: Hallowed Fountain (Borderless Foil) | Unfinity ($199.99)

Next up is Hallowed Fountain, the second expensive land from Unfinity. White/blue is another popular pairing, plus control players are kind to give their opponents something pretty to look at while their spells don’t resolve.

While I’m glad this exists for the interested collector, I’m more grateful that a regular Hallowed Fountain can go for like $12.99. Seems much closer to my budget.

No. 8: Liliana, the Last Hope (Textured Foil) | Double Masters 2022 ($199.99)

Is Liliana, the Last Hope particularly playable? Uhh, not really. Does looking at it fill me with joy? Yes. Plus, it’s always good to remember that just because you’re a weak card doesn’t mean you have to look like it.

No. 7: Imperial Seal (Foil Etched) | Double Masters 2022 ($199.99)

Before its first reprinting in Double Masters 2022, Imperial Seal cost approximately a small country’s GDP despite plenty of other tutors surpassing it in power. Scarcity, I tell ya.

Still, while the price for the new printing is a far, far cry from its original run, the foil etched version is still nothing to scoff at. At the same time, I’ll be busy casting Vampiric Tutor instead.

No. 6: Firkraag, Cunning Instigator (Extended Art) | Battle for Baldur’s Gate ($199.99)

This guy is the sixth most expensive card of the year? OK, I guess. 

Don’t get me wrong, he’s a rad Commander that has plenty of potential, but he doesn’t seem more in demand than many other cards from this year, on his face. Still, never underestimate what an extended art foil can do to the price of an otherwise affordable card.

No. 5: Force of Will (Borderless) | Dominaria Remastered ($249.99)

Now this card is no surprise, since Force of Will has been one of the most powerful Magic cards since the game’s creation. More reprints are always warranted, and we’re glad to have another since the first Double Masters

But while the standard version of this reprint is a bit cheaper than its peers, the new art by Richard Kane Ferguson is incredible. I don’t think it would fit well into any of my Commander decks, but I’d slam it somewhere just so I could cry with joy when I draw it in game.

No. 4: Sliver Hive (Foil) | Secret Lair ($249.99)

I’ll be honest — this is the card that confuses me the most on this list! The original printing from 2015 is less than $20. Still, Slivers are one of the most beloved creature types in Magic, even in 2022. Maybe that’s the reason.

Nah, it’s probably just the fact that it’s a foil and super scarce since Secret Lairs are a limited run thing.

No. 3: Persistent Petitioners | Secret Lair ($279.99)

There was a lot of amazing art that went into the Persistent Petitioners Secret Lair, but this piece by Casimir Lee is transcendent (help, I’m running out of synonyms for all this great art)! 

While owning one would be super rad, I really cannot recommend trying to build an entire Persistent Petitioners deck with this specific copy of the card. You might go bankrupt.

No. 2: Transformers Shattered Glass Foils | Universes Beyond ($249.99-$1,299.99)

People love Transformers, and the overlap between the franchise and Magic players is almost a perfect circle in 2022. And while some people questioned the decision to put these Universe Beyond cards into The Brothers’ War set booster packs, the numbers don’t lie. These cards are in demand, no matter where they come from.

However, if we had split these cards up as individuals, the entire list would be dominated by them. So in this one case we decided to lump a handful together, headlined by the leaders of the franchise’s two primary factions.

No. 1: Hidetsugu, Devouring Chaos (Showcase 429) | Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty ($1,799.99)

Anyone who saw this treatment when Wizards of the Coast first announced it knew at least one of the Hidetsugus would command an insane price. And while the others look great, I think we can all agree this red ink oni is straight fire. 

I cracked a lot of packs chasing this card in vain, and I never expect to see one on the battlefield. But knowing it’s out there, devouring someone’s enemies from inside two sleeves (I hope) gives me peace.

End step

Anyway, that’s enough embellishing about a handful of cards I’ll never actually own! I’ll have to be content with my own insane pull of the year — even if I have to save the gloating for the outro of an article instead of the main body.

Otherwise, meet back here for the same thing at the end of next year. We’ll be holding out hope that the crop of cards in 2023 gives us something to gawk at in the meantime.