The Lands of Theros Beyond Death

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Lands are the backbone of every Magic: The Gathering deck. We couldn’t cast our spells without them, and the quality and quantity of non-basic lands will often dictate how ambitious we can be in our deck-building. We even get sentimental about basic lands — who doesn’t have a favorite piece of basic land art?

With Theros Beyond Death around the corner, let’s take a look at the lands the new set has to offer.

The Basics

Image source: Wizards of the Coast on Twitter

Magic players love full-art basic lands, whether they’re from Zendikar or a silver-bordered set. Theros Beyond Death introduces a whole new style of basic lands, featuring the five mana symbols in place of the usual landscapes.

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The Temples

The Temples — a rare land cycle synonymous with Theros — return in Theros Beyond Death! These non-basic lands always enter the battlefield tapped, but they allow you to scry 1 when they come into play. Hopefully these lands will provide some… enlightenment in your next game.

The five ally-colored Temples from Theros Beyond Death will join the enemy-colored Core Set 2020 Temples in Standard and Brawl this January. That gives all two- and three-colored decks equal access to mana fixing going into the next set. So, if you’ve been meaning to dust off your Esper Control deck or give Naya another try, now’s your chance!

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Field of Ruin

Finally, where would we be without utility lands? Colorless lands may not help cast all our spells, but they provide other valuable advantages.

While it couldn’t quite catch Field of the Dead in Standard, Field of Ruin will reenter the format with the release of Theros Beyond Death. This card last appeared in Ixalan, where it could destroy any of that set’s powerful transforming lands. In the current Standard and Brawl formats, Field of Ruin can neutralize a Castle or take out a shockland to limit a player’s resources.

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