Throne of Eldraine

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Throne of Eldraine is finally here, and we can’t get enough of Magic‘s fairy tale plane. If you’re looking for more info on this set, read on!


After a year on the futuristic city-plane of Ravnica, we’ll be journeying to a brand-new, high fantasy-inspired plane called Eldraine. According to Mark Rosewater, Eldraine’s design was inspired by Arthurian legends and Grimms’ Fairy Tales. We can see allusions to Rapunzel, Little Red Riding Hood, and the legend of the sword in the stone in the set’s concept art.

Art from Throne of Eldraine by Magali Villeneuve. Copyright Wizards of the Coast LLC.
Source: Magic: The Gathering on Twitter

New Products

Throne of Eldraine also features a new take on booster packs. The packs we’ve known for decades are now known as “Draft Boosters” (booster packs meant for drafting), and there are two additional types of booster packs available with Eldraine’s release:

Theme Boosters are 35-card packs that are meant to help you kick-start your collection. Throne of Eldraine features five different Theme Boosters, each containing cards of a single color. While these boosters were introduced with the release of Guilds of Ravnica, they’ll be available in every set starting with Throne of Eldraine.

Throne of Eldraine Theme Booster
Source: “Project Booster Fun” by Mark Rosewater

Collector Boosters are intended for players looking to spice up their collections. These 15-card packs contain premium editions of cards from the set, including foil, extended-art, and special-frame cards. These will only be printed in English and Japanese, and they’ll be available for a limited time only – so collect them while you can!

For more information on these products, check out this article from DailyMTG.

Finer Details

Throne of Eldraine is available now and will be legal for Standard play from October 4, 2019 through fall 2021.

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