What IS Time Travel?!

Time Travel – MTG Mechanics Explained

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Time Travel is a mechanic from the Doctor Who Universes Beyond Commander decks, and works with Time counters. When you Time Travel, for each permanent you control or each card Suspended in exile with a time counter on it that you own, you may add or remove a single time counter from that object. And that’s it! It’s like a very narrow version of Proliferate, but you have the choice of removing counters as well as adding them.

This obviously works great with Suspend cards, letting you either accelerate or delay how quickly they’ll get cast. Vanishing also uses time counters, so you can buy more time with those permanents on the battlefield before they…you know, vanish. And then there’s random cards that just happen to care about time counters as well.

While this first appearance of Time Travel is thematically linked to Doctor Who, it’s simple and direct enough to appear in another set somewhere down the line…as long as that set involves Time counters in large enough numbers. So it could happen! Just not the most likely thing in the world, so maybe don’t hold your breath.

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