Top 5 MTG Holiday Gifts: 2020

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Holiday shopping season has begun, and we’re stocking our virtual shelves here at Card Kingdom with tons of gifts for Magic players! Whether you’re looking for new cards or upgraded gear this holiday season, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve pulled together a list of our favorite new products — including new Magic sets, accessories, and Card Kingdom exclusives. Don’t forget these items when you’re making your holiday wish list!

Commander Legends

Commander Legends is Magic‘s latest release, and it has a lot to offer: brand-new legendary creature cards, Collector Booster packs to crack, and an innovative draft experience. If you love Commander — or you’re shopping for a Commander fan — this set is a must-have.

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Zendikar Rising

Zendikar Rising is Magic‘s newest Standard-legal set, offering tons of exciting cards and new takes on the booster pack formula. Open some Set Boosters, collect the art cards, or try out the preconstructed Commander decks!

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Command Center V2 Playmat

Earlier this year, we released a brand-new version of our popular Command Center Commander playmat. The Command Center V2 offers even more room to track commander damage, commander taxes, and counters, all while keeping your commanders in one convenient place.

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Dry Erase Tokens

We launched these Dry Erase Tokens over the summer with our friends at Infinitokens, and they’ve proved to be invaluable for webcam games. Make any token you need and express your creativity with these reusable tokens.

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Gamegenic Deck Boxes

These new deck boxes came highly recommended from our friend The Professor at Tolarian Community College. Gamegenic’s Watchtower and Stronghold deck boxes are perfect for Commander decks, and they offer plenty of storage for dice and other accessories.

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