Best Holiday Gifts for Magic Players

Top 5 MTG Holiday Gifts: 2021

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Holiday shopping season has begun, and we’re back with our annual Holiday Gift Guide. Whether you’re looking for the newest Magic: The Gathering cards, premade decks, or accessories, we’ve got you covered!

This year brought dozens of new Magic products — so, where do you start shopping? We’ve pulled together a list of five products that players of all levels will enjoy.

Innistrad: Crimson Vow Gift Bundle

Innistrad: Crimson Vow celebrates the union of two powerful Vampire clans. Why not celebrate with a little something special?

The Crimson Vow Gift Bundle contains 8 Set Boosters, 1 Collector Booster, 20 foil lands, 20 non-foil lands, a promo card, and a spindown die — all in a sturdy, reusable box. It’s a great first purchase for a new player, but veteran players will love it, too.

Crimson Vow Gift Bundles are available Friday, December 3rd. Preorder one today!

Commander Decks

Commander is a popular multiplayer variant of Magic, and this year saw the release of 15 new premade Commander decks. These 100-card decks are playable right out of the box, making them great gifts for anyone getting into Magic. They’re also full of valuable cards that players can add to decks of their own.

Commander decks are released in sets of 2-5 decks each, and they’re designed to be played against each other. Check out this year’s releases:

BCW Prism Deck Case

BCW Supplies’ new Prism Deck Case is one of the hottest new deck boxes on the market. They’re colorful, compact, and perfect for storing Commander decks.

Our friend The Professor at Tolarian Community College recently gave the Prism an A grade and called it his new favorite deck box. Try it out — it might become your favorite, too!

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Command Center V2 Playmat

If you’re gathering with friends for the holidays, why not get in a game of Commander? Card Kingdom’s exclusive Command Center V2 playmat will help you stay organized during your next game.

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Dry Erase Tokens

While you’re playing those Commander games, you might find that you’ve forgotten a token for your deck. Our Dry Erase Token pack is here to help by giving you the flexibility to draw any tokens you need.

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Looking for more holiday gifts? Head to Card Kingdom for all your holiday shopping needs!

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