Top MTG Accessories for Commander Players

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Commander 2018 release day is less than two weeks away, and we’re sure you can’t wait to pick up the newest singles and preconstructed decks. But at times like these, it’s easy to focus on the cards you want to buy and completely forget that you need a new deck box or a fresh set of sleeves. Today, we’re going to share some must-have accessories for Commander players, including a few of our in-house products and some recommendations from our friend The Professor at Tolarian Community College.

Deck Storage

In a world full of 75-card constructed decks, finding a deck box that can fit 100 is of extreme importance to Commander players. Fortunately, we have 100-card deck boxes available in a variety of colors and styles. Among our best-sellers is the Ultimate Guard Flip’n’Tray Deck Case, which includes secure magnetic closures and a separate storage compartment for dice. If you’re looking for something more compact, check out the Boulder and Sidewinder Deck Cases.

If you’re looking to take several decks on the go, Ultimate Guard also offers the Arkhive, which can safely hold up to four Commander decks. (We recommend it if you plan on buying all four Commander 2018 precons.)

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Before you put your new decks in a deck box, you’ll probably need a new pair of sleeves. Our most popular options are Ultra Pro Eclipse and Dragon Shield Sleeves – both rated “A” by Tolarian Community College. These are some of the most durable sleeves on the market and can withstand all the shuffling you’re likely to do at your next Commander night.

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Card Kingdom Exclusives

Finally, we have a few additional Card Kingdom products to share that we think our Commander community might like. First up is the Commander Land Kit from our “Mana Base” line of wholesale products. This pack includes 55 non-basic lands and is perfect for a newer Magic player looking to build up their Commander-legal card collection.

For Commander players of all levels, we offer our unique Command Center mini-mat. It features color-coded zones for each of up to four Commanders, so you can track Commander Tax, Commander Damage, and more. We’ve used them in our own in-house Commander games and highly recommend them!

We’ll be restocking even more great products for Commander players as August 10th approaches. If you don’t want to miss an announcement, be sure to follow us on Twitter @Card_Kingdom!