Unstable Commander Livestream

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Last week, four Card Kingdom employees ventured into the unknown and played a truly unforgettable game of Commander. Un-Commander, that is! Representing four of Unstable‘s five factions, our players sleeved up some silver-bordered cards and battled it out to see which of Bablovia’s leaders would reign supreme.

Crossbreed Labs

Aaron, the CK Blog’s resident Commander expert, brought Dr. Julius Jumblemorph to the table. His deck was built around Host and Augment synergies, but he had plenty of other value creatures (like Fauna Shaman and Karmic Guide) at his disposal.

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Goblin Explosioneers

No stranger to casting red spells and causing chaos, Simon chose Ol’ Buzzbark as his Commander. His goal was to spend most of the game rolling dice and flipping coins, and he did just that with the help of Impulsive Maneuvers and Game of Chaos (which, we should note, are black-bordered cards). When asked to describe his deck, he simply quoted the flavor text from Null Rod: “‘But it doesn’t do anything!’ ‘No, it does nothing!'”

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The League of Dastardly Doom

Rachael represented Baron von Count and his League of Dastardly Doom. She frequently had the scariest creatures on the battlefield, including Infinity Elemental and some monsters she’d mashed together with Grusilda. While her Goblin Bombs were frequently diffused, she came wearing a hat that would make any Goblin Haberdasher envious.

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Agents of S.N.E.A.K.

Last but not least, I played Phoebe, Head of S.N.E.A.K. While my opponents had their fun, my team of spies lurked, waiting for the chance to steal an opposing creature.

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