What IS Visit?!

Visit – MTG Mechanics Explained

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Visit is an an ability from Unfinity, and is linked to another keyword action, “Roll to Visit your Attractions.” Given that this is an Un-set mechanic, it’s going to be a little weird, but it’s not too bad, but there’s a bit of ground to cover to get there.

Some cards or effects from Unfinity will have you Open an Attraction. Attractions are special cards that are in their own deck, which can be as small as three Attraction cards in Limited or ten in Constructed (and no multiples of the same Attraction in Constructed either). When you Open an Attraction, you flip over the top card of the Attraction deck, and it becomes an Artifact on the battlefield.

Each turn, at the beginning of your precombat main phase, you Roll to Visit your Attraction. You roll a six-sided die, and if the result matches one of the lit up numbers along the lower right side of the Attraction card, you then get the effect of the Visit ability on that Attraction card. Sometimes those effects will have you play some kind of minigame, like the one on Dart Throw. If you successfully complete the minigame, you then get the effect of the Prize printed on the card.

When you Roll to Visit an Attraction, you only roll one die no matter how many Attractions you have. The resulting number on the die applies to all Attractions. There are a couple of cards that will have you roll outside of the beginning of your pre-combat main phase, and one that triggers off rolling a 6 whenever you Roll to Visit an Attraction.


Look, Un-set mechanics like this that really affect the logistics of the game are unlikely to ever show up in a normal set, but given the odd legality of cards in Unfinity, you can, right now, play Attractions in Vintage, Legacy, and Commander. They don’t really see much play there, but it never hurts to know how they work.

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