What is a Mystery Booster?

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For the past few weeks, people around the Magic community have been asking:

What’s in a Mystery Booster?

This past Thursday at MagicFest Richmond, we finally found out what’s inside those mysterious black booster packs. In case you missed it, here are the details.

What’s in the Pack?

Each Mystery Booster contains fifteen cards, just like a normal booster pack. But the contents of each pack are (almost) completely random! While there are no new cards in Mystery Boosters, Wizards curated a list of 1,694 cards to reprint for the set. That’s nearly seven times the number of individual cards in a normal booster set, so every Mystery Booster draft will be unique.

There are two versions of Mystery Boosters: normal Mystery Boosters and Convention Edition boosters. The special Convention Edition Mystery Boosters each contain a surprise for Magic fans: a “playtest card” with hand-drawn art by Wizards employees. These cards reminded us of silver-bordered Magic cards, and they were a big hit at the preview event.

There are 121 “playtest cards” in the set, and you’ll only find them in Convention Edition Mystery Boosters. According to Wizards, these special packs will be available at MagicFests this year and at conventions including PAX Unplugged.

So, when can you find Mystery Boosters at Card Kingdom? Be sure to mark your calendars for March 13, 2020 — the perfect day for a wacky Friday the 13th draft! While the WPN versions of Mystery Boosters will not contain playtest cards, they will feature 121 foil cards that aren’t in the normal set.

For more information on Mystery Boosters, check out the release notes on magic.wizards.com!

(Editor’s Note, 3/16/20: Order Mystery Booster packs and singles from CardKingdom.com here!)