What IS Compleated?!

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Compleated is a static ability found only on Planeswalkers, making it a bit unique. Every Planeswalker with Compleated will have at least one Phyrexian Mana symbol, in its mana cost (a topic we’ve covered previously). For each of those symbols for which you chose to pay life instead of mana as you cast the Planeswalker, the Planeswalker will enter the battlefield with two fewer loyalty counters.

That’s pretty much it, but a couple notes:

  • This is a replacement effect that occurs as the Planeswalker enters the battlefield – any other replacement effect that would affect that would apply will still work (like Doubling Season, for example), so make sure you choose the order to apply them that works best for you.
  • The ability only checks if life was paid specifically for the Phyrexian mana symbols in its cost. Life paid or lost to cast the spell for any other reason (say, Painful Quandary) will not affect the number of loyalty counters the Planeswalker enters with.

Compleated is a mechanic that shows when a Planeswalker has been infected by Phyrexia, and as such is tied heavily to the New Phyrexian invasion storyline. Odds are good that this mechanic only shows up whenever the Phyrexians do, so it’s unlikely to pop up much at all outside of those instances.

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