Where’s Fblthp?

Alex KatzMagic Story

Fblthp (pronounced FIBble-thip) is one of the Magic fandom’s favorite characters, and probably its most famous homunculus. A member of the Azorius Senate on Ravnica, he preferred to stay in his office doing paperwork until he was called on to help catch a kidnapper. The criminal was brought to justice, but Fblthp’s adventure did not end well for him: in his first appearance, he was alone and overwhelmed by a crowd of taller people in the art of Gatecrash spell Totally Lost.

Since then, Magic players and fans have been wondering what happened to Fblthp. There are Twitter and Tumblr accounts imagining what kinds of adventures he might be on, fanmade cards speculating about what might happen if he were found, and even a humorous story on Daily MTG speculating that he might be secretly working for Nicol Bolas.

Even some of Magic’s other characters have started searching for Fblthp. Humongulus, a creature card from Ravnica Allegiance, shows a larger homunculus on a seemingly hopeless journey to find his friend.

But all is not lost. Astute players have found Fblthp in the art for some other cards!

Back in Magic 2015, he was spotted exploring Ravnica’s sewers on Statute of Denial.

In Guilds of Ravnica, he was seen at the front of the crowd on March of the Multitudes.

And now, in Ravnica Allegiance, he’s wandered into a Rakdos show on Captive Audience.

Fblthp could be hiding on even more cards in Guilds of Ravnica and Ravnica Allegiance. Keep an eye out for him, and maybe he’ll finally find his way home.