The Gauntlet 2023: Fables

Your Guide to The Gauntlet 2023: Fables

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The Gauntlet 2023: Fables is coming to you live from Bellevue Mox Boarding House on Sunday! This year’s competition will benefit Game to Grow, a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the use of games of all kinds for therapeutic and educational purposes, as well as community growth. 

This is the ninth Gauntlet event hosted by Gamers Engaged, a national non-profit. For those new to The Gauntlet, it’s an annual charity event featuring various gaming companies/organizations competing in a series of board games and challenges. Teams are made up of four members, who each compete head-to-head with other players from other teams, answer trivia and cooperate to solve puzzles in order to win bragging rights. Oh, and also a literal, actual Gauntlet! 

The Gauntlet trophy

Starting in 2014 with a goal to raise $5,000, that first event raised more than $25,000. The Gauntlet has since gone on to raise nearly $750,000 for a variety of beneficiaries. Those beneficiaries have ranged from more local Pacific Northwest organizations like HopelinkYouthCare and Zeno, up to larger nation-wide organizations like Child’s Play

Money is raised through donations to teams (more on that in a moment) and also through auctions on eBay. Here’s some of what Gamers Engaged has on offer this year

This year’s beneficiary, Game to Grow, started as a local Seattle organization but has since expanded digitally to have a worldwide reach. The organization provides counseling and therapy using Tabletop Roleplaying Games, Minecraft, individual therapy and more to provide help and services to those in need.

Originally hosted at the Ballard Card Kingdom store (as it was known back then), the event has since been hosted at the Bellevue Mox Boarding House. Streamed live each time, Gamers Engaged is excited this year to partner with Gen Con and Gen Con TV to bring the charity event to an even wider audience this year.  

This year’s teams include Monolith, Paizo, Wizards of the Coast, Ravensburger and more! If you want to participate, you can donate to the team of your choice.  

At the beginning of the event, each team will receive power ups they can use during the games based on how much money they’ve raised. You can donate, tune into the stream, find our auctions supporting the event and learn more about Game to Grow here