Zendikar Rising Shipping Delays

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Update: October 15, 2020: Since our last update, we have received additional Zendikar Rising Draft, Set, and Collector Boosters, as well as Zendikar Rising Commander Decks, and have fulfilled the majority of preorders. We’d like to thank our customers again for their patience as we navigated these delays.

We still do not have a confirmed arrival date for Bundles, but will ship any preorders containing Bundles as soon as they arrive in our warehouse. If you have any further questions about your preorder, please see the FAQ below, or contact our Customer Support team.

Update: September 15, 2020: Today, we learned that we are receiving our Zendikar Rising and Zendikar Rising Commander release shipments much later than usual. This may impact our ability to get preorders shipped on September 25th, and we may not get some orders out until Monday, September 28th.

While we can’t control when the product arrives in our warehouse, you can rest assured that our incredible teams will be working hard to get everything received, sorted, packed, and shipped to you as quickly as possible. In an environment of strict social distancing, this takes longer and is more challenging. The safety and efficiency protocols we’ve put into place over the past few months mean we’re up to the task, and we are excited to get your order out the door on or as close to release day as possible. We appreciate your continued patience as we navigate these delays.   

Please note, as it relates to the delay information below, we are still receiving all of our Zendikar Rising Commander shipment; it’s just arriving later than expected. We’ll still receive 50% of our Zendikar Rising shipment for release and expect the second wave in the next couple of weeks. There will be no Zendikar Rising Bundles available at release, and the shipping date for those products is TBD.

Yesterday, we received word that we will only receive 50% of the Zendikar Rising Set, Draft, and Collector Boosters we ordered in time for the set’s release on September 25th. We also learned that bundles will not be available to ship by release. In light of this news, we have chosen to briefly pause our presale to prevent overselling.

We will make these products available again once we have a timeline for delivery of additional product. We expect that most of the Zendikar Rising preorders that have already been placed will ship on release day, and we will contact any customers whose orders will be delayed. (Delays should mainly affect orders that include Bundles.) We anticipate our full order of Zendikar Commander Decks and Theme Boosters, so those products will be ready to ship at release.

We have chosen not to cancel any of our Zendikar Rising preorders and plan to fulfill them when we have the product in hand. We’ve made this decision to honor the original price that our customers paid for products.

We remain excited that this fall, Magic: The Gathering will make its second return to Zendikar. In previous years, we saw the fearsome Eldrazi titans ravage the plane of Zendikar, draining it of precious mana; now, slowly but surely, the land is beginning to heal. We still see traces of the Eldrazi across the plane, but the Zendikari are hopeful that, while the “normal” they know will never return, a new normal will soon be possible.

The parallels between Zendikar and our own world aren’t lost on us here at Card Kingdom. The hope that things will someday return to normal sustains us just as it sustains our customers. We’re proud to be able to offer products that bring you joy and provide a sense of normalcy when so much around us is changing. But, like our favorite characters on Zendikar, we know that “normal” is a ways away and that there are challenges we must face in the meantime – challenges that will make new product releases a little different for now. Supply chain issues continue to affect our industry, and we plan to manage any delays head on to provide the best experience for everyone who trusts Card Kingdom with their Magic purchases.

We understand how challenging this year has been for the Magic community, including our customers, distributors, and friends at Wizards of the Coast. We’re grateful for all the support our customers and our community have given us during this time, and we appreciate your patience as we strive to return to a new normal.

For more information on Zendikar Rising shipping delays, please see the FAQ below.


My order contains items other than Zendikar Rising Bundles. Will my entire order be delayed?

At this time, we do not have the structure in place to partially ship orders. If your order contains additional products, the full order will be delayed. We will not ship orders containing Zendikar Rising products until we have Zendikar Rising stock available.

At this time, our solutions are to ship the full order, or to cancel the out of stock item and ship the remainder of the order. However, we will not be able replace the order for that cancelled item, or to honor the original price from your order should you choose to reorder these items later.

What products are affected?

Due to production delays, Zendikar Rising Draft Booster, Set Booster, and Collector Booster availability will be 50% less than expected before release. Bundles will not be available at release. Zendikar Rising Commander products and Zendikar Rising Theme Boosters are not affected by delays.

Will you have more Zendikar Rising up for preorder?

In light of the delays, we have chosen to briefly pause our presale to prevent overselling. We will make products available again once we have a timeline for delivery of additional product. You can sign up for a Restock Notice email to be alerted when new stock is added.

How can I find out when Zendikar Rising products are available?

We recommend signing up for a Restock Notice email. You can do this from the product page of an out of stock product, and we’ll send you an email as soon as additional stock is added.

If my order is delayed and I cancel and reorder later, will I get the same price?

If you wish to cancel your order, we can assist you with that. However, we will not be able to honor the original price from your order should you choose to reorder these items later.

Will my box price or order total change because of this?

No, you will be billed at the same price as when you placed your order.